Sampling Valve

Sampling Valve

Sampling Valve

Technıcal Informatıon:


The SchuF Fetterolf Model 32 Series is available in standard sizes

from stock for fast delivery:


Model 32FR “ROD SEAL®”:

The “ROD SEAL®” design embodies the self-cleaning, seatless valve principle.

Only SchuF Fetterolf offers the feature of “Super-Closure”, utilizing spring-loaded

components. Ideal for extended plungers for crust-breaking.


Model 32PG (Metal Seal):

This robust, metal seated sampling valve is ideal for high temperature applications and

can be manufactured in certifi ed, FIRE-SAFE versions. Immediate fl ow is achieved as

soon as the crank handle is turned! The 32PG is also ideal for injecting media into piping

or vessels, since there are no soft sealing rings exposed to the fl ow.


Model 32FG “RAM SEAL®”:

The patented “RAM SEAL®” design features replaceable seal rings for ease of maintenance.

The combination of a metal compression ring and a soft PTFE seal ring allows the valve to deliver

incredibly low leakage rates in a variety of services (gas and liquid) over a long period of time.



 - All Model 32 valves are rated to ASME 600.

 - Crank handle manual operators are easy to use.

 - The outlet branch is at 60 degrees.

 - All valves have Leakage Class VI shut-off (100% tested).

 - Cast yokes and bodies are of a robust design.


Materials of Construction:

All wetted parts and bodies can be manufactured in a variety of materials including:

 - 316 stainless steel (standard)

 - Titanium

 - Nickel Alloys

 - Alloy 20

 - Monel

 - Others available. We will also fabricate to your specifi cations.



 - Manual (Crank Handle, Handwheel or Bevel Gears)

 - Deadman’s Handle

 - Pneumatic

 - Others available



 - Sample Bottles

 - Integral Heating Jackets

 - Flushing Ports

 - Extended Rams and Bodies

 - Various Inlet Connections, T-Pieces, Half-Couplings, etc.