Globe Valves High Temperature and Bellows-Seal Valves

Globe Valves High Temperature and Bellows-Seal Valves

High Temperature Service

SchuF manufactures special Y-globe valves that are built to withstand temperatures of 800 deg. C and higher. Materials of construction include Incoloy 800HT and high temperature stainless steels. The valve layout, together with the design of individual components, is optimised to ensure materials are utilised to their maximum capability. Special cooling fins minimize the transfer of heat to the actuator. SchuF Y-globe valves are fire-safe certified to ISO 10497 and API 607. Actuated valves can be delivered with special fire protection systems.


Bellows Seal

-          The standard stuffing-box packing-arrangement, as commonly used for providing a seal to atmosphere on moving shafts, has the disadvantage of introducing friction forces to a system. This can result in leaks, if packing rings are not regularly inspected and maintained.

-          SchuF bellows-sealed Y-globe valves provide an option which reduces these concerns, and offers the additional benefit of providing absolute fugitive emission protection. The expansion and contraction of the bellows allows ram or spindle movement without friction,  while maintaining the seal to atmosphere, and this can be backed up with an additional emergency stuffing-box seal