Trunnion ball valve - G Type

Trunnion ball valve - G Type

Trunnion ball valve - G Type 


Dismountable, forged, bolted body

Carbon and stainless steel, special materials

CE 97/23/CE all categories

Classes ASME/ANSI ISO PN 20 to ISO PN 100

Classes DIN-PN PN 10 to PN 40

ND 1/2'' (15) to 12'' (300)

Flanged ends

In line tightness by metal to metal sealing

Separate up-and downstream

Continuous dosing of dry powders under pressure

Variable flow from zero up to maximum value

Continuous rotation of the dosing ball with motor at variable speed

Actuator in proportion to speed

ISO TOP FLANGE acc to ISO 5211 (for actuators)


Precise transfers of powders in process

Injection of catalysers at adjustable, continuous flow with separate up- and downstream volumes

Powder extraction