Hycontrol Ltd

Hycontrol Ltd

Hycontrol Ltd 

Hycontrol has been established for over 30 years, manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of instrumentation to a wide and varied customer base throughout the world. Industries include: Water and Waste, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical, Environmental and Utilities and the Quarry/Aggregate Industry.




Level Measurement:

-          Radar Level Transmitter

-          TDR Level Transmitter

-          Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

-          Thruwall

-          Hydrostatic Level Transmitter


Level Switches:

-          Float Level Switch

-          Rotary Paddle Level Switch

-          Capacitance Level Switch

-          Admittance Level Switch

-          Vibrating Level Switch

-          Microwave Level Switch

-          Flow Switch

-          Foam Switch

-          Conductivity Level Switch


Remote Level Monitoring:

-          Wireless

-          Dataflex



-          Alarm and Display Panels

-          Complete Silo Protection